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  • 21st CETNURY (UK) Ltd

  • Independent Business Consulting Company

  • Our independent consulting agency assists in opening and running various types of companies that wish to do business with Russia, Belarus andUkraine. These countries have a developing market with a large coefficient of goods and services consumption. It is a well-known fact that considerable profits are to be made on developing markets. Unlike Asian markets, these countries are part of Europe (with the exception of Kazakhstan) with a European mentality and a well-developed logistics system. The level of expertise and education of the general population is high compared to Europe in general, and they have significantly lower costs in the labour market. There is also a comparative ease of communication because most of the professional population speaks English.

    We are confident that any company, including small and medium-sized businesses, will have a significant advantage working in this market and we are ready to provide a full package of services to get your company on this market.

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