Our Business consulting company provides services to companies from different countries to put their products out on the UK market. The product range is unlimited and includes raw materials as well as high-precision technology. The UK market is the gateway between the Asian and European markets. It’s the "Silk Road" of the 21st century. The high value of the pound, economic stability, government support of businesses without interfering in their operation, geographic location and English as the official language makes the UK particularly favorable.

Our partners are located in 27 countries. These are companies that produce a variety of products including intellectual products, which they wish to offer on the British market. Our company represents the interests of each of our clients in its search for customers and in its primary negotiations. We are always on our client’s side and protect its pricing policy. Having a great knowledge of the local market, and as a member of the Chamber of Commerce in the UK, we are developing the most optimal and least expensive way to enter the British market.

We organize export and import deliveries with full support including customs declaration and logistics. We also provide tax consulting to optimize taxes, our lawyers will provide you with services as needed in drawing up contracts, and our technical translation department will translate all necessary documents into your native language.

Upon request we can offer you the services of registering a commercial company in the UK, providing its accounting services and trademark registration. With over 20 years in this sphere of business, we have acquired a large amount of experience which allows us to be one of the leading business consultation companies in England.